The Hot Sprockets at The Academy – Review & Photos

the-hot-sprockets-academy-7The Hot Sprockets supported The Strypes at The Academy last night, April 11th.

The Sprockets were HOT. Damn hot. Taking that stage before The Strypes they detonated an atomic bomb of dirty rock deep south harmonies into The Academy.

Their muscial ammo packed the punters up close. An army of “Sprockettes” assembled at the barrier, gleefully boppin’ about to the tunes.
“Bad Jim” with its bluegrass tones and moody melody hits the spot with gusto. Keeping it edgy and fast, they rollercoastered out the irrestible “Soul Brother”, with its hints of country and patches of “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack. “Cruisin” keeps the grove train going in the right direction. A jingle jangle percussion party with Frankie’s harmonica laying down the law.

“Boogie Woogie” brings the final call for the funtime troops to rally. Having packed in “Shake Me Off”, “Honeyskippin”, “Quarter roam” and “Jam” they’ve sold themselves well in their short support slot. These guys, with their selection of sunny sideburns and various phases of beardyness, might look like a line up of troubadours. Do not be fooled. Their music will haunt you, creep into your memory and inhabit your sub conscious until you’re walkin’ around singing “Cruisin” in your sleep. Oh… and nice shoes, lads. I’m impressed. The band are festival friendly, so watch out for them on the circuit this Summer. “Homeslice” is all over the radio right now but a little birdy whispered in my ear there’s new stuff on its way here in May. The single is called “Shake Me Off” and it’s closely followed by their new album “Brother Nature” due out on June 6th.

Review by Ciara Sheahan

Photos by Anamaria Meiu


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