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It’s been an exciting summer for Talos to say the least, the pseudonym for Eoin French has been tirelessly touring a variety of Irish shows and gigs, ranging from Sea Session to Latitude to Body and Soul. The brainchild of the Corkonian has been on the scene since late 2014, bringing a new take on pop music with more patient and pulsating electronic pop undertones. French’s voice has a striking timbre to it, it commands the ear in a powerful way and his songwriting talents make it an enchanting listen from start to finish. Initially arriving with his unequivocally charming production, ‘Tethered Bones’, it proved to be a lesson in how to combine dreamy production with focused vocals.

Talos’ appeal quickly snowballed thanks to his ability to strategically couple gossamer vocals with emotional variances and he quickly became a key player in the festival circuit. For French, it was a departure from his original path of architecture and yet, his music shows careful deliberation at times, perfect curation of vocals and beats, pinnacles of songs constructed from falsetto. Each musical offering Talos brought proved that one can unify all their passions, in spite of the glaring differences.


Live, Talos expands out to a six piece and for French, he admits that it’s only since finalising his most recent album, Wild Alee, that he’s become more comfortable on stage. In an interview with the Irish Times, he admitted that ‘It was only recently when it came to recreating the songs on the album with as many people as we needed that I felt good. Now, it’ll be different.’

However, a singular listen to any of Talos’ offerings and one would think French has always in his element. His music just works so well, it draws on array of influences and manages to cultivate it all with salient elements of electronica- one listen just sparks joy.

You can catch Talos at a variety of shows throughout the rest of the summer but be sure to give ‘Odyssey’ from Wild Alee a listen


Elaine McDonald

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