Olly Murs At The 3 Arena – Review & Photos

Olly Murs 3 Arena Review & Photos

Olly Murs 3 Arena Review & Photos

In the eight years since Olly Murs first stepped out onto that X Factor stage, he has surpassed the expectant shelf-life of such talent grabbing reality shows and proven that if you know what works, being a runner up could turn out to be just the outcome you need. His Dublin show follows a string of UK dates for Olly’s fifth studio album 24hrs, and with dates selling out fast as fans flock to fill up the seats, it’s clear that his reign as an entertainer is far from nearing its end.

Olly’s cheeky chappie persona has always had a massive part in his likeability factor, but you also cannot ignore that the 3Arena is noticeably lacking in a male following as he takes to the stage for ‘You Don’t Know Love’ with confident strides, never missing a chance to throw some winks here and there or drawing attention to the fact that many fans in the standing pits would have an exceptional view of his behind for the show. Unsurprisingly there were no complaints to this information, just a wall of predominately screaming women which set the precedent of any further response he received when interacting with the crowd.

Suited, booted, and having the support of backing singers and a full band at his disposal, his show has the foundations of a cabaret style performance – synchronized (albeit somewhat provocative) dancing while Olly plays on lyrics from the likes of ‘Wrapped Up’ and reminds “All the Ladies” that he’s most definitely single. He also made a point of dedicating the slower ‘I Need You Now’ to all the singletons out there, while being beautifully accompanied by a saxophone for the mid-section.

From observing Olly’s fans though it does seem that these people know what they want. When he takes the time to introduce and play a much slower song that discusses his flaws and insecurities, many lose interest and can be seen drifting away to the bars. Contrast this with the likes of ‘Up’, his recent duet with Demi Lovato, or even ‘Heart Skips A Beat’, and you find everyone running back to the Olly they love, arms flailing as he dances and bounces around his walkway. There’s even such an impressive guitar solo that finishes up title track ’24hrs’ that any music fan would appreciate, but it gets lost within screams of those who can’t cope with the fact Olly has had to leave the stage to change.

As is customary for Olly’s live shows, he also sets aside ten minutes for a mash up medley of songs ranging from the 70’s right through to the current day. This is where the older fan contingent shines through, and younger Olly fans donned in their suits and flashing hats can only look on as their Mammies and older sisters are in their element dancing to the likes of ‘Jump Around’, That’s the Way I Like It’, and MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’.

Olly ticks all the boxes for a live performer an on-stage entertainer. His vocals have in previous times come under fire from critics but if anything he sounds more improved than ever and is cleverly complimented by his backing singers throughout the set. Besides, regardless of what anyone says, when you’re successfully filling arenas time and time again I’d be pretty sure that’s a sure sign you’re doing something right.

With ‘Troublemaker’ and ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ ensuring his set came to a close full of energy and bodies jumping around, Olly bows away after ‘Years and Years’ while happily draping an Irish flag around his shoulders. His playful hip thrusts, flirting and bum-shaking antics may have rattled the nerves of any boyfriends who had come along, but hey a girl can look right? His confidence is on another level and he knows exactly which buttons to press to ensure he delivers the envisioned show his fans come to see.

Photos by David Doyle
Review by Nicole Leggett



Nicole Leggett

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