Beach ‘Ono Noh’ – Single Review

Beach ‘Ono Noh’ - Single Review

Beach ‘Ono Noh’ - Single Review

Dublin psych merchants Beach are back at it with their new single, ‘Ono Noh’. The follow up to the well received ‘Donuts’ is a wonderfully crafted, moody blend of electronica and noise, all tied up by Dave Barrett’s mellow croon.

Having changed their style considerably from what they started as, the group have matured into a more original and engaging sounding unit. The eerily catchy chorus is brought together by the swaying feel of the rhythm section, which feels like it could come apart at any moment. There is a more stripped back feel to this track than any of its predecessors in its rawness.
There is no psychedelic waffle to hide behind, and the track is exposed for what it is; a delightfully gritty track by a great Irish band. Kudos, Beach.

Check out ‘Ono Noh’ here:


Finn O’Reilly

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