White McKenzie – 4 AM (video launch)

We first saw White McKenzie a couple of months ago at The Academy 2, when they launched Heatseeker, their latest EP. It was a great gig and we instantly became their fans. Besides the song that named the EP, 4 AM also draw our attention and entered our playlist on heavy rotation after the gig. Naturally, when we heard that White McKenzie were going to launch a video, we crossed our fingers hoping it would be for 4 AM.

On December 3rd at 8 PM sharp we went to the top floor of Odessa Bar to see White McKenzie and the premiere of their latest video. The venue, if we can call it that, was the coziest place for a gig. The room, a bit bigger than a standard living room, with a fireplace and Christmas lights,  was full of friends and families of the band members and the team that was involved in the production of the video.

The night began with a performance by the band in one of the corners of the room. Even though this was probably the smallest crowd they’ve ever played for, we could feel the same passion and love for music as we saw at The Academy.

After the set, Kieran, the band’s leader and vocal, gave the audience a bit of background about the video and some stories from the production. David Coyle and Sean Jackman, the men that created the great video for White McKenzie’s great tune, shared a few thoughts about the band, the video and everything that made it possible.

The fairly noisy crowd became perfectly silent when the video started and exploded and began cheering the moment it ended.

4 AM is one of our favorite White McKenzie songs and, according to members of the band, it’s the same for many of their fans. We think it’s the tune that sums up everything we love about White McKenzie: Kieran’s strong and distinctive voice, clean and melodic piano parts beautifully played by Ian, a remarkable guitar riff by Eamon (we can’t help but play along with our air guitar whenever we listen to the tune) and a rhythm that holds everything together delivered by Ciaran’s guitar, Ziggy’s drums and Neil’s bass.

We think it’s a great video, but we think the song is even better. That’s why White McKenzie’s 4 AM is our choice for our Song of the Week section.


Lucy Ivan

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