The Tallest Man On Earth at The Iveagh Gardens – Photos and Review

The Tallest Man On Earth played a great show last Friday at The Iveagh Gardens, with support from Windings.

Kristian Matsson, aka The Tallest Man On Earth – a rather short lad in real life, didn’t need more than a chair and a guitar to entertain the sunburned crowd at The Iveagh Gardens.

As the hot summer sun was setting, casting a warm light on the big stage at the Iveagh Gardens, the most loyal fans were pushing to get a front row spot with excited anticipation.

Kristian stepped onto the stage and quickly ran to the front and jumped off to hug some of his fans. After a couple of minutes, with a few acrobatic moves, he climbed back, took his guitar and began his set without saying anything. The opening track, “King Of Spain”, was received with an explosion of energy from the crowd. “Love Is All” followed, together with Kristian’s love for his Irish fans. “I love you so much”, his first words of the night, brought another wave of energy from the increasingly excited crowd.

The Swedish artist told everyone how happy he was to play Dublin again and how lucky he was that, even though he broke his guitar on his way to Ireland, a shop lent him a brand new one for the show.

 “1904”, “I Won’t Be Found” and “The Gardener”, got the crowd singing at the top of their lungs. During each song, Kristian would look straight into the eyes of one of his fans in some sort of intimidating staring contest, while taking a few steps in their direction.

The Tallest Man on Earth has a strong and loyal fan-base, and as soon as you experience his music live, you immediately understand why. His charisma, amazing talent and contagious passion for his music make you sing along to his songs whether you know the lyrics or not.

The set progressed with “The Sparrow and The Medicine”, one of his older songs, followed by  “Leading Me Now” off of his 2012 album “There’s No Leaving Me Now”. Birds, a recurring theme in Matsson’s music, were the main subject of some of the songs, including “Where Do My Bluebird Fly”.

“Burden of Tomorrow” and “Criminals” – another songs from his latest album, brought the energy levels back again.

The last song before the encore was “Revelation Blues”, Matsson’s YouTube video with more comments in Spanish than in any other language. The reason for that, as the artist told us, is that the song is used on a car commercial in South America.

As he was leaving the stage after “Revelation Blues”, people already started screaming the traditional “One more song!”. Not for long though, as Kristian returned for not one but two more songs: “Thousand Ways” and “The Wild Hunt”.

We went to see The Tallest Man On Earth at the Iveagh Gardens curious, and left fans. Can’t wait to see him live again!

Support came from Windings.

Check out some photos from the gig, taken by Tudor Marian.



Lucy Ivan

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