The Riptide Movement At The Olympia Theatre – Review

The Riptide Movement Olympia Theatre Review

The Riptide Movement Olympia Theatre Review

Following on from last week’s impressive performance of ‘Elephant in the Room’ on RTE’s Late Late Show, The Riptide Movement returned to The Olympia Theatre to launch Ghosts, their fourth studio album.

Stepping up to take the first support slot was Mick McHugh, sharing songs such as ‘Questioned Enough’ and ‘A Million Stars’, which were inspired by his travels in Christchurch. He was also accompanied by his trusty guitar, that he explained was well worn but its visible state showed just a fraction of the journey it had been on. Mick has a vocal that aptly compliments his singer-songwriter image, and he enjoyed every moment while sharing his stories with the appreciative crowd as it continued to gather in the venue.

Craig Gallagher soon followed, and although a change to the norm of seeing him play smaller live music venues, he takes the transition to the Olympia Theatre in his stride.  Joined by Brian McGovern on keys, he has a knack for getting a crowd to quieten down, perfectly portrayed for the catchy ‘Without You’ and also ‘Stay’.

Using the Olympia Theatre setting to their advantage, The Riptide Movement emerge from behind a black backdrop, all in their respective positions and accompanied with their name in lights which they most definitely deserve. Their high energy is imminent and infectious, instantly scooping the crowd up for ‘How Can I Let You Go?’, and being rewarded with and feeding off the energy and noise levels they receive in return.

Taking it right back to their 2012 Keep on Keepin’ On album for ‘Warming Up The Band’, Ger introduces that distinctive harmonica sound to slide in alongside Mal’s harsh and husky vocals that suit the rustic folk-rock style that make it what it is. ‘Animal’ and ‘Glór’ have everyone scrambling to join in with lets-all-jump-and-shout-the-lyrics-as-loud-as-we-can (it’s brilliant really), whereas the crowd show their quieter appreciative side when this is followed by the slower (and brand new) ‘In A Heartbeat’ taken from new album Ghosts.

Can I also just note at this point that The Riptide Movement have the happiest drummer to ever grace a stage in the form of Gar Byrne. It’s honestly as if all his birthdays, every Christmas and anything in-between has come at once, and everyone needs to take a leaf from his book and aspire to love life as much as he does.

Today FM also had a hand in proceedings of the gig, with #DaretoCare participant Becca facing her stage fright fears to join the band to sing ‘You and I’ and she absolutely rocked it, no sign of nerves as she took control and orchestrated a sing-along around the theatre.

The unmistakable chords of ‘Keep On Keepin On’ ring out, and the days when it would be heard soaring across Grafton Street are a distant memory…they are memorable of course but The Riptide Movement are made for the big stage and born entertainers, completely at ease and so genuine and appreciative of all fans old and new. They put their heart and soul into a performance, and as the night finished up with ‘All Works Out’ and ‘Elephant in the Room’, the love and appreciation they show on stage is sent straight back at them in the form of ovations and a wall of noise.

They’ve a battle up against them next week to get Ghosts into the Number One spot, so do give them a helping hand and get yourself some quality new music along the way too.


Nicole Leggett

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