Raglans Interview

Raglans Interview

Raglans Interview

Ahead of the Grand Social show, Raglans’ Steve Kelly talked to us about ‘White Lightning’, their upcoming Irish tour and more.

Louise: You’re just back from being on tour with The Fray across Europe and America, what was it like?
Steve: It was a real game changer for us a band as well as a great life experience. We got to test our music and live show consistently to big sold out crowds alongside a big band, we responded well to it and the audiences really enjoyed our shows. We kind of missed out on the whole travelling/J1 summer thing as we have been in Raglans for a few years and working on that so it was gratifying personally to get to see these places doing something we loved, felt like a vindication of our work so far, there’s more to do though!

Louise: Was it different to what you were expecting?
Steve: I didn’t really have any expectations to be honest, we were just excited to go on a long tour in places we had never been before. We have done a couple of our own in the UK and Ireland but this was a different thing and it was one of the best few weeks in what’s been the best year so far for the band.

Louise: Did some of the audiences know your music?
Steve: There were a few Raglans at the gigs which was awesome and The Fray have a very committed following so word kind of filtered through about us and there were definitely more people who knew us at the later shows.

Louise: Your new video for ‘White Lightning’ got a US premiere, were you expecting that or was it a shock?
Steve: It’s awesome that our music has wings now, strange feeling for four Dublin lads but it was always our aim to take our music as far as possible and kick down some doors.

Louise: Tell us a bit more about the single ‘White Lightning’.
Steve: It’s a bit of a pop song in an indie punk dress. It’s about being away from someone and ‘White Lightning’ is that any little circumstance or flash thing that can happen to cut the connection or finish it off.

Louise: I’ve seen the video, looks brilliant. Was it fun to make?
Steve: Well, in hindsight it was an incredible experience but at the time it was very, very hard. We didn’t have much time and we had to learn all the choreography on the spot including jumping up and down on concrete for 3 hours! I couldn’t walk when I got home, watching it back first time was great craic though. Finn, our video maker is a G.

Louise: You’re on your way back to Ireland, is there anything you’ll miss about America?
Steve: Five Guys, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is a great spot and just looking at NYC from big old roofs doesn’t really get old.

Louise: When I come back from America the first thing I have to do is make tea, what was the first ‘thing’ you had to do?
Steve: Not tip every single person who sells me anything.

Louise: You’re starting an Irish tour on November the 14th headliner in The Grand Social, are you looking forward to it?
Steve: Yeah, after all these shows we can’t wait to hit Dublin again and see all those familiar faces from the past few years and some new ones. We want everyone to go mad with us. We love playing in our hometown.

Louise: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Steve: Few farts, lots of wi-fi, some beers and showtime.

Louise: What’s your favorite type of gig/venue to play?
Steve: Small’n’Sweaty

Louise: Your single ‘Natives’ has been used for the Irish film ‘GOLD’ (congratulations!), how did that come about?
Steve: The director Niall Heery got in touch and asked us to use ‘Natives’ saying he specifically wanted the song for the trailer which was great, having one of our songs in the vision of a filmmaker. It was a first big synchronization and we were delighted because we always thought our music might work well for that stuff. Looking forward to seeing it, the trailer looks ( and sounds) great!

Raglans are playing the Grand Social on the 15th of November.

By Louise Tighe


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