Just No at Whelan’s – Review and Photos

Just No

On a very wet and miserable day in Dublin Just No headlined Whelans main stage. Support on the night came from two bands Adding To Injury which I am ashamed to say I missed, but thankfully arrived in time to catch We Were Giants. These guys could have played all night for me, they were that good, their energy and conviction was faultless. We Were Giants are definitely a band to watch with beautifully written songs, they also have both the talent and energy that leave you wanting more. These four lads could also pass as an instrumentalist band with what I can only describe as amazing guitar riffs. This year will be big for We Were Giants.

Just No which comprises of Karl Bennett on bass, Graham on lead guitar, Adam Fitzsimons on drums and Laura Walsh on rhythmic guitar/vocals took to a Christmassy like stage with various twinkle lights, in which they had the mic stand covered with lights including the stage backdrop. Although it seemed calming and soothing, this was soon about to change when they begin to get in to the swing of things buy blowing the roof of with songs ‘Where You Come From’ and Don’t Walk Away’ which had everyone dancing and jumping much to the delight of the band.

In the middle of the set Graham (lead guitar) and Laura (vocals and rhythm guitar) began throwing free CD’s into the crowd, to which Lauran announced that it might be best that they stop just in case it hit someone in the eye. It’s great to see a band giving back to the fans in terms of free CD’s.

Their sound is incredibly unique and for a band having just started out in 2011, they have grown hugely over the past two years performing on the main stage at The Academy, opening for Ryan Sheridan and performing at The Olympia to just name a few.

Just No are a band we will be hearing a lot more of over the coming months and with the amount of work they put in on and off the stage, they deserve every bit of success that heads their way.

Review and photos by Ian Blount


Lucy Ivan

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