Irish Band of the Week- Bitch Falcon

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This week’s Irish Band of the Week is the delightful Bitch Falcon – a combination of grunge riffs with underscores of pop fusion thrown in for good measure. Since their beginning the band have always focused on a slow, steady development – crafting a sound that is unique but simultaneously establishes them as currently one of Dublin’s most ferocious live acts.

Indeed, the band have been earmarked for greatness several times, being chosen to perform at several major Irish festivals, including Electric Picnic, Knockanstockan, and Kfest. They have also supported major international acts such as The ZZZ’s, Fucked Up, Torche, Glen Hansard and established local artists like No Spill Blood, Fight like Apes and Red Enemy. Keeping company with such an array of talented musicians further emphasises the prodigious quality that Bitch Falcon hold – always developing and crafting a sound that appeals on an international level but never forgetting their grassroots. Their sound is reflective of a devotion to song crafting, a focus on lyricisms that are ever-changing in their manner by uniting all the best parts of rock, grunge, stoner, metal, hard-core riffs and electro pop and turning it into something truly unique and unforgettable.

Last year saw the release of three singles from the band, including ‘Wolfstooth’, ‘Breed’, and ‘TMJ’ which received a string of excellent reviews from the Irish music scene. Following on from this, their performance at the 2015 Hard Working Heroes became one of the most renowned shows with every media outlet promising an outstanding performance from the band and classing them as ‘an act not to be missed’.  Indeed, the band kept their promise, receiving raves reviews as one of the most memorable acts thanks to their unrelenting energy and idiosyncratic sound.

Just last night the band performed at Sonic Whispers, which wanted to create a unique musical sound amongst Bitch Falcon, Wounded Healer, Bunoscionn- effectively a discussion and collaboration through music.

It will be interesting to see what the band do next; one can only hope that their 2016 is even more illustrious than the year previous. It’s safe to assume they won’t be resting on their laurels anyway.


Elaine McDonald

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