I Am The Cosmos release debut album ‘Monochrome’

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Article by Rob McComish, owner of music blog Soundblob.

I Am The CosmosI am The Cosmos (Ross Turner and Cian Murphy) are a Dublin duo and have just released their debut album Monochrome. The opening track sets the tone for the entire album combining driving tropical beats with melancholic synths and washed out vocals. The song and indeed the album seems to emerge from some strange pre-digital electronic jungle, “Lost Rhythm” doesn’t truly come to life until the reverb soaked vocals add another melodic and emotive layer to the track. As the album proceed a very definite sound pallet is maintained, that of bouncing, playful beats set against sombre, heady and melancholic vocals.

These vocals seem to draw on the likes of Bowie and Morrissey and show an affinity to Dublin contemporaries like Aidan Wall and Patrick Kelleher. The album seamlessly incorporates elements of lo-fi 1980’s production, while at the same time referencing more recent sounds such as Battles, Last Days of 1984 and Animal Collective.

The moment where the album threatens to lag, it is picked straight back up with “Take What You Want”. The timbre of the instruments on this and every track are so impressive from the stretched 808 toms, to the funky driven bass and crunchy piano chords. This album is not simply a collection of songs, but rather it is a coherent body of work designed to be taken as a whole.

While I Am The Cosmos have wide appeal in their current two piece format, I can’t help but feel that an extended collaboration with Daniel Mcauley would yield great results. “Esque” is the absolute peak of the album, Mcauley’s vocals providing the perfect balance to the dark and heavy vocals we have heard throughout the rest of the album.

Overall the album is an absolute triumph and is yet another Irish release to be instantly drawing attention on an international scale to Ireland’s burgeoning electronic music scene.

Full download at: noisey.vice.com

Band: I Am The Cosmos
Website: www.iam-thecosmos.com
Album: Monochrome
Release: 24.01.13


Lucy Ivan

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