Hail The Ghost – Irish Band Of The Week

Hail The Ghost Irish Band Of The Week

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Hail The Ghost Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is a band that have a very exciting month ahead of them and an exciting name also, Hail The Ghost. As a group, they’re pretty new to the Irish music scene but the majority of the members stem from the band White McKenzie. One would be led to believe that old members working together on a new project would only result in a doppelgänger of White McKenzie but the band have actually brought their experience with them but present it in an entirely new frame. There’s something so devastatingly beautiful to their music, a sort of enthralling soberness to their sounds that just entices you into listening to them some more.

Their debut album, Forsaken, which was released back in March, was tipped as one of the most hotly anticipated Irish albums this year. In fairness to the band, their swirling abyss of music, combined with the revelry of indie/rock is something much more than just commendable, it’s magical. You might be familiar with the debut single, ‘Headstoned’, a track laced with such acute emotion that it has become one of the most wondrously distinct singles off the album. The piano is absolutely haunting and, coupled with the baritone vocals, one is just drawn into listening to the album in its entirety. However, it would be wrong to just mention their more sombre songs, one of the most pivotal tracks to emerge from Forsaken is easily ‘Colony of Ants’. It’s a pulsating rock anthem, demonstrating the band’s variance and style brilliantly.

Naturally, the band have been busy playing festivals this summer, including Electric Picnic, and have now earned themselves a well-deserved break. But don’t fret, there’s one final chance to watch them perform in Whelan’s this weekend. Eerily, Hail The Ghost perform on Friday, 13 November, with support from Kelly-Marie Reynolds and Peco.


Elaine McDonald

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