Framing Hanley Interview

Framing Hanley Interview

Framing Hanley Interview

Ahead of their Dublin gig, Framing Hanley talk to us about their music, their gig experience in Ireland and more.

Kat: So for our readers who don’t know you guys, tell us a little about how you got started together. Your first record deal was an unusual beginning.
Framing Hanley: The band formed around Nashville, TN circa 2006. Everyone knew one another through the other local bands they’d played with as well as mutual friends and piece by piece became Framing Hanley.

Kat: Which of your albums was your favourite to record and why?
Framing Hanley: The Sum Of Who We Are was my favourite to record, also the most challenging. We spend about two years in and out of studios, on and off the road, putting together the pieces for this album. A lot of the writing process stems from where and who you are at the time you wrote a song. On this one we hit so many ups and downs that for a time we didn’t know which direction we were heading with it, but it all came together in the end. It became exactly what the titles reads, the comprehensive leap into what Framing Hanley is.

Kat: Who takes charge in the band, or is it a very collaborative process?
Framing Hanley: Its very collaborative, we all have our own duties in the band and we do the best to keep our bases covered. As far as writing goes, it’s never really the same. Ideas come from every corner, though it typically starts with me or Nixon. One part leads to the next and by the time everyone else has put their mind on it, it a Framing Hanley song.

Kat: How do you think your sound has developed over the last 7 years since the first album?
Framing Hanley: The sound has changed immensely, I’d like to think we’ve all made leaps and bounds as musicians haha. Also, with each record we make a conscious effort to evolve and look at things differently than we did previously. I believe that the greatest artists, and the ones who stand the test of time, are the ones who did this successfully. Expanding your horizon is how you learn to be better.

Kat: Do you have a most memorable moment as a band and what was it?
Framing Hanley: When you travel in a vehicle for thousands of miles over countless hours with a bunch of guys, you have a grab bag of ridiculous stories no matter what. After all I’ve been through with this band, good, bad, bizarre, and whatever else…when I reminisce about the times we’ve had I look back at them as more of a series of events – tours, nights in the studio or a the bar, etc. When you travel in a vehicle for thousands of miles over countless hours with a bunch of guys, you have a grab bag of ridiculous memories. One memory that does stick out quite a lot for me is our first sold-out headlining show in London at The Underground. It was a special time where I believe it started to sink in how much people care about the music we’ve made.

Kat: You’ve played Dublin several times, including with the Kerrang tour, what’s different about playing here in Ireland?
Framing Hanley: There is a certain level of rowdiness that the Irish always achieve that I love to be around, it always makes for one hell of a night. The spirit of rock n’ roll is alive and kicking in Ireland and we always feel like its home away from home.

Kat: What do you like to do in your down time between tours? Do you live the quiet life or just wait for the next adventure with the band?
Framing Hanley: I’m constantly writing music, at my house there is typically a guitar or piano in arms reach. Music is my thing so I never put it down. Though I do love playing video games, A LOT. I’m a bit of a nerd. Other than that, I try to spend as much time with family as I can, you never know what’s going to happen between those couple months you’re gone on that one tour so it’s important to appreciate the time you have with people.

Kat: Would you change anything about your journey as a group?
Framing Hanley: You can always go back and wish for smoother sailing but then if you got it would you be where and how you are? And would you be okay with it? Outside of the little things like “We probably should’ve gotten a warranty of that thing that just exploded,” I’d have to say no.

Kat: Is there any story you think your fans would love to hear?
Framing Hanley: I could write you a 1000 pages of mischief and silliness that I’m sure would tickle your ears. Or I could tell you that one time Chris drove our bus around a race track while wearing a sombrero and drinking a beer. We got locked in at the festival grounds where we had played earlier that day, which happened to be a racetrack. With our bus driver in a cab on the other side of the gate and us needing to hit the road to be elsewhere, we nearly ‘bought a gate.’ Fortunately for the gate, we finally got a hold of someone who could let us out.

Kat: Finally, a cliché question, but what advice would you give to aspiring rock musicians?
Framing Hanley: STEP ONE: Stay humble, not to say that you can’t let loose and appreciate your achievements, just don’t be a dick about it. It can be over as fast as it began. STEP TWO: Don’t be too trusting. The music biz is full of people who will blow as much smoke as necessary to attach themselves to something they believe will make them some scratch. STEP THREE: Appreciate and connect with your fans, they’re what make you. The people that believe in what you’re doing are the most important people out there.

Framing Hanley are playing The Academy 2 on the 25th of October.

Interview by Kat Clinch


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