Empire Circus – Irish Band Of The Week

Empire Circus Irish Band Of The Week

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Empire Circus Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Empire Circus, a four piece alt/pop group based in Dublin. The band forged some serious personal and musical bonds in the USA where they lived and performed together for almost seven years. In 2008 they returned to Ireland, and, by the spring of 2012, they began writing songs, performing, and touring feverishly. Picking a handful of songs from the numerous ones they wrote, they went to a Brooklyn studio and began recording. These recordings were all crafted under the watchful eyes of producer/engineer Bryce Goggin (Ramones, The Morning Glories, Antony and the Johnsons), producing their glorious self-titled debut album, Empire Circus.

The band’s sound is all about sparkling vocals, upbeat rhythms, and some serious melodies that they claim will ‘leave you powerless against the urge to get up, get crazy, dance, and sing like you never have before’. Whilst this seems like a pretty hefty claim for one band, the group actually manage to fulfil every claim by tapping into the flamboyance of Two Door Cinema Club, the elegance of Arcade Fire, and the coolness of Gorillaz. All these musical mannerisms perfectly combine together to create the resounding stylings of Empire Circus.

Their debut album perfectly fulfils all the claims they promise and so much more, songs such as ‘A Day in the Life of a Superhero’ and ‘All I Need’ are instantaneous pop/dance classics. It’s music that leaves you feeling elevated and promises you will be (dodgily) dancing the whole night long.

The band are performing at Grand Social on 11 December and their debut album is out now.

Check out ‘All I Need’ here and let the awkward dance moves begin!


Elaine McDonald

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