Beach House at Iveagh Gardens – Photos & Review

beach-house-iveagh-gardens-8Beach House @ Iveagh Gardens – Saturday 20th July 2013

Beach House, a Baltimore based act (now a trio) famous for their dream pop sounds played the Iveagh Gardens last Saturday night along with special guests Connan Mockasin, Adrian Crowley and Bleeding Heart Pigeons in support.

Trendy types amidst die-hard fans spread out all over the lawns of Dublin’s finest new outdoor venue. A beautiful summer evening was about to take a particularly gothic turn. Expectations for the night were high, as the band sauntered out onto stage, resembling ghosts. Dressed in dark clothing they commenced against a grey and white minimalist background, funeral like, heads bent over instruments with hands dramatically placed on keys. Legrand’s voice soured like a perfectly, robotic lark flying in auto pilot throughout “Wild” and “Walk in the Park” from the 2012 album Bloom.

Legrand’s performance was not helped by continuously pointing out flaws from their performance “des difficultés techniques”, how this was such a hard gig for them, saying “Should we just go and sit out the back of the stage?” and how they couldn’t wait for the darkness to come. To be honest nobody noticed anything, but their dramatic irritation, “Sacre bleu”.

With little movement on stage, they began to drone during “Turtle Island” and “Used to Be”, disappointing for a band of their high calibre. Things began to lift for “Take Care” she powerfully sours and ends on a high crescendo. Drifting on through “Norway” and “ New Year“ the mood lifts for “Lazuli”, her voice is like a softer Kate Bush the guitar is like water running back and forth over stones, stunning.

Finally for “The Hours” the shimmering coat change completely lifted Legrand’s mood and this continues until the end. Stand out songs were of course with hands down “Wishes” and “Myth” her voice is outstanding, magnificent and sublime. The lack of connection from the band with the audience could still be felt and shall be remembered. Thanks to that shimmering coat boosting the mood, it could have been a long night for these temperamental trio, but exasperatingly talented performers. Next time a smaller venue may be more fitting and lighten up a little. Good, but not great.

Review by Áine Byrne

Photos by Shaun Neary


Lucy Ivan

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