Stevie Cliff

“Stevie Cliff likes to write songs and then play those songs in front of people.  Lyrically luscious, his music appeals to the poetic sensibilities that reside deep within your eardrums. He has travelled far and wide playing his unique brand of soulful folk to anyone willing to listen. Predominantly a solo performer Stevie likes to occasionally hustle accompaniment from laptops, drum machines and occasionally other humans.

2012 seen Stevie Cliff make a move to New York where he spent a year honing his craft playing in the hipster frequented coffee houses and boisterous bars of Irish inclination. The songs came thick and fast and the time spent in the big apple increased his creative fervor to heights unparalleled. Plans are currently afoot to release a debut single sometime in 2013. An interesting and confident character Cliff exhibits all the natural charisma of an artist targeting longevity in the industry. When asked about his ambitions regarding music Stevie shrugs his shoulders and describes how he is wildly indifferent to traditional notions of stardom. “Just write the tunes and play them, everything else is smoke, mirrors and ultimately cellophane-eesque ornamentation”.

​The payoff is very much in the process.”


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