Amazing Apples At Whelan’s – Review

Amazing Apples At Whelan's - Review

Amazing Apples At Whelan's - Review

Amazing Apples made their awaited return to Whelan’s, with a year passed since they last played the iconic live music venue.

James Or opens up the show, his powerful vocals being supported by his full band who all travelled up with him from Cork for the occasion. ‘The Fear’ is extremely catchy but the stand out was the final track of their set ‘Don’t Get Used to Me’ which really showed the strength and capabilities of the band together as a whole. Grab his EP if you can because it’s one that will make your car stereo happy. Promise.

The Apples soon emerge and the Galway five piece are as happy as ever up on stage, bouncing around the limited space they have that for the most part is taken up by the entourage of instruments that follow them in their wake.

They open up with ‘Battles’, taken from their album A Little Sense, and follow this with a newer track I had not heard before but nonetheless it’s teaming with the distinctive qualities of their indie/folk sound that includes upbeat guitars and Eanna Fay’s skilful fiddle efforts that glide along smoothly, complementing additional vocals and harmonies as it progresses.

‘Lullaby’ is certainly unique and has a memorable mandolin intro from Darragh Crehan that gets carried through the track while the likes of ‘Gotta Get Paid’ and ‘Same Ol’ Heads’ kick up the notches in terms of tempo and bodies jumping around the room. So much is happening on stage that you’re trying to take in, then there’s people dancing away up front, feet are tapping everywhere and the band themselves are just completely going for it while you look on and don’t want it to end…but then there’s sudden silence; before they all exchange mischievous grins and start back up all over again.

Even when dealing with technical difficulties they don’t let it phase them, and an un-cooperative electric guitar just becomes an opportunity to improvise and include more fiddle wherever possible which of course is most welcome.

They finish up with the beautiful latest single ‘On Your Own’ before sending everyone happily on their way.

Seeing Amazing Apples live can be compared to the feeling you get riding an intense roller-coaster over and over, when the adrenaline is pumping and everything is going so fast you don’t want it to end, then add in the slight pauses to catch your breath and away you go again until it’s time to get off and hobble away dazed and happy. But this band look like they never want to stop, like they’d happily loop around again and again playing into the early hours. And, sure, why not? Wouldn’t it be great craic altogether? Class.


Nicole Leggett

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