RUTH – ‘Who Are You Living For’ – Review


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RUTH - 'Who Are You Living For'

Kerry native Ruth Cronin releases her debut single this month under the guise of her solo moniker RUTH.

Opening with ambient organ chords and muted guitar notes, ‘Who Are You Living For’ bursts to life once its instant-hook chorus makes a sudden entrance. It’s a bold and confident first step, with a combination of soulful guitar work, epic choruses and a notably strong middle eight section. Mining the best parts of the dance and pop music genres, ‘Who Are You Living For’ is a grown up atmospheric pop song in the same vein of Grimes and late 90s era Madonna, which somehow pulls off the rare feat of sounding retro and contemporary at the same time. With a versatile vocal performance, top notch production values and some instantly memorable melodies, ‘Who Are You Living For’ is a remarkably assured debut from another exciting young Irish talent.

Definitely one to watch! Check out RUTH on Facebook.

Watch the video for ‘Who Are You Living For’.



Gary O'Donnell

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