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Bicurious @ The Workman’s Club

Bicurious will play The Workman's Club in February 2017. Information about Bicurious concert at The Workman's Club, including ticket prices, stage times, guests etc.[...]

  • Buffalo Sunn @ Toners

    Buffalo Sunn will play Toners in February 2017. Information about Buffalo Sunn concert at Toners, [...]

  • Pleasure Beach @ Whelan’s

    Pleasure Beach will play Whelan's in February 2017. Information about Pleasure Beach concert at Whelan's, [...]

  • Harlequin @ The Hard Rock Cafe

    Harlequin will play The Hard Rock Cafe in January 2017. Information about Harlequin concert at [...]


Zaska Launch Fundit Campaign

Dublin jazz funk collective Zaska have finally gone into hiding to embark on a journey to produce the group’s first album. The band, led by Bray soul child Max Zaska have been making waves since the group’s inception in 2012. Featuring [...]


Ana Gog At The Unitarian Church – Review

Ana Gog haven't had the best of times lately. Last month, the band's van was stolen which is making it harder to transport equipment for rehearsals and gigs. Some people would curse their luck and maybe wallow in self-pity but instead, the band [...]


Must See Gigs In 2017

Writing this article has been both a dream and a nightmare. You see, I’m now incredibly excited about the quality of live shows we’ve got to look forward to in 2017, but I’m also acutely aware that I’ll never [...]